Business With YOUWEI

Win-Win relationship

Nowadays, no organizations can survive without strong alliances to supplement their core capabilities. Every partnership should reach beyond the formal bounds of a signed contract with a willingness to do more than originally planned. Good relationships in business rely on honesty, integrity, respect, commitment, trust, confidence, and openness, Youwei aims to create an environment to its partners that encourages continuous improvement, risk-taking, a long-term perspective, and win-win relationships.

Flexible production management

To meet specific demands of each market and individual requirement of our clients, Youwei adopts flexible production management in either specification and packaging, we are competent to manage small quantity supply for emergency shortage and large quantity supply for specific public or private programs.

Registration support

To ensure all of our products conform to the acceptable standards of global government drug regulatory agencies and complete product registration effectively and efficiently, our registration department is equipped with highly experienced and competent staff to support and assist our client with all aspects of the regulatory process.