Code of Conduct

YOUWEI Pharma’s Code of Conduct outlines our expectations regarding employees’ behavior towards their colleagues, supervisors and overall organization. It is a document governing the ethical standards and the principles that everyone in the company, both employees and Board members, is expected comply with

Core values and guiding principles

Management and employees at YOUWEI Pharma have agreed on the following core values to guide behavior and company culture:

Core Values

  • Fairness, honesty, integrity and responsible
  • Care and respect for others
  • Individual commitment and commitment to individual

Guiding principles

  • Customer’s come first
  • Make possibilities to have happaned with quality
  • Learning & adapting and Giving & Sharing - Teamwork
  • Simple and Straightforward communication

Relationships With Clients and supplier

Everyone at YOUWEI Pharma shall conduct themselves in the correct manner in contact with our business partners. Accordingly, neither bribery nor corruption is accepted by the company.

Management and employees are not permitted to accept gifts, payment or other benefits that could influence business decisions, violate laws or contravene acceptable business practices, and are not permitted to act in such a manner that is described in this paragraph above to customers, potential customers, governments or representatives of such entities that would in turn risk influencing them in their decisions

Data Protection and Privacy

Everyone at YOUWEI Pharma shall be committed to complying with applicable privacy and information security laws and regulations when personal and business data are collected, stored, processed, transmitted, and shared, including data of suppliers, customers, consumers, and employees with whom YOUWEI Pharma conducts business.

Social Responsibility

YOUWEI pharma and all employees are committed that it shall use its expertise and resources throughout its networks, from employees, suppliers, distributors, and other pharma companies, to drive positive social change for the people across the globe in expanding and increasing access to healthcare, to improve health quality and save lives.